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Guess you've missed the many different posts on that topic Dougie.

Yes they would "fit" by size, BUT the touch contacts would fail almost immediately. The Insights are spot welded in "sticks" of 6. Which are then sealed in contact with a temperature strip. ... ttery.html

And finally (and most importantly) the amp hour rating and discharge rating of even the most robust industrial NiMH cell appears to fall short of what the Insight is known to demand. Primairly the discharge rating which in an Insight approached 5C (5x the Ah rating, albiet briefly)

A related study done in regard to rechargable batteries, discharge rates, and aging:

Mr Buchmann appears to have the credentials too :!: ;) ... ber=796019

Not factoring in all the "work" of manufacturing the sticks, 120 of the closest rated D cells to what is known as needed for the Insight costs about 2/3 of what a reman IMA pack (new cells) from Honda runs.

Was something that I too thought was a "good thing" before purchase (that the cells were "standardized"). But from what I've learned since there appears to be little advantage.

HTH! :)
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