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Another used IMA battery failed

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I don't have time to post the whole story, but I'll log in later and finish.
Long story short -
The second used IMA battery pack I purchased for $400 from LKQ in California just failed, after 3.5 months. It had a 6 month replacement guarantee, so I got my $400 back. Thanks, Gene at LKQ.
So I'm tired of messing with used batteries. My Insight has a salvage title, so I don't have any warranty coverage, although Wittmeier in Chico replaced my control modules for free last year. I decided to spring for a new one. $2800. The dealer is letting me install it myself!
The battery came from "Calhac" in southern CA. It's a Honda subsidiary. Only took two days to get it. It was encased in a heavy suitcase with seven latches and three hinges, and "danger" stickers all over it. The dealer didn't want to part with the case, so we unloaded it into the back of my car. They also tried to get me to use the "tool" that Honda recommends. It weighs about 30 lbs all by itself!
More later... :)
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