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I believe that the Insight antenna has an RF amplifier built into its base. It may not be receiving power, or it may be non-functional. The problem is that you need to take out the headliner to get to it to fix it.

I am thinking of cutting a hole in my headliner to make an access door for the antenna.

I took my antenna off and have replaced it with an NMO style mount for a ham radio antenna. But I still want to listen to the radio so I'm adding a glass-mount scanner antenna near the top of the rear hatch. I tested this and the performance is rougher equal to the stock antenna - better on some stations and worse on others. It will block the rear washer a bit, though. The scanner antenna is longer and does not have an amplifier. I'm thinking of adding one. We shall see how that goes. I actually have a way to measure the performance of each, but I'm currently running short on round tuits.

<EDIT> Back to the stock antenna for a minute, there is also a chance of a break in the antenna itself. You should be able to unscrew the antenna from the black base that is mounted on the roof. You can then try running a wire to the base. Perhaps hang the wire from a tree branch over the Insight and temporarily connect it. It also could be that the antenna in the truck is longer which is going to help the signal strength.
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