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Any '04 Insights (manual transmission) still on a dealer lot

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Anyone know of a '04 Insight with manual transmission in blue still on a dealer lot? I just spent sometime on looking for one and couldn't even find one manual transmission Insight ('04) on a dealer's lot.
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Sorry I can't answer your question, but judging from your name, you would probably like

Yes, I know this is off topic.
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I believe there are some...

In the Carolinas, and I think I saw one in Utah.

Also try a California zip code. is pretty good, updated nightly. The one I just bought was off the searchlist by Monday (and my trade-in was added then, too!).
welcome to my world. I found mine through autotrader and ended up driving about three hundred miles to pick it up.

just keep searching. call all the dealers in your state, then your surrounding states, then the east coast, then west. then canada, mexico, europe, japan, mars...

Then you find a stargate and search the surrounding solar systems.

When you dont find one, look on ebay.
Love the cat delta flyer, and thanks for the laugh Joseph. These posts should make Insighters appreciate what they have!
The "probate" insight mentioned in the "Other Insights on eBay" thread sounds like a pre-owned candidate worth investigating.

Pre-owned isn't so bad. Mine still has new-car smell, at least until I dumped a soda all over the floor yesterday.
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