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any Civic VX owners here?

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I'm obsessed with gas mileage, so I've been reading a lot about the Insight recently because it interests me. I'd love to drive one, but I can't afford to own a newer car.

So I just bought the next best thing -- a '94 Civic VX. The VX model was made from 92 to 95 and is supposed to get 55mpg freeway.

I can't find any other VX owners online. I was wondering if any of you Insight people are current or former VX owners as well?
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Quite ironic as mine is also a red '94 but has 118k miles. Good to hear that the VX has been a solid car for you! Thanks for posting!

I haven't actually driven my VX yet, since I purchased it on Ebay. I'm taking greyhound to go pick it up and then will drive the 2300 miles back home.

Are there any tips you can offer me to achieve the highest mpg possible? I already drive slow (never more than ~62) in my other car (Geo Storm) and routinely beat the posted EPA number. It is realistic to shoot for 60mpg average from Ohio to SoCal for my first trip?

I am a little perplexed as to why Honda hasn't revived the VX hatchback and included the hybrid powertrain. One would assume it could achieve mileage close to the Insight (maybe 10-15% less?), but would comfortably seat four and have increased cargo capacity. The old hatchbacks as you know can actually hold an impressive amount of stuff for such a small car. Such a car would alleviate most of the public's concerns about the Insight (two seater, lack of cargo room, and the questionable attractiveness of the rear wheel covers).

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