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Any Insights peeling by the door handles?

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I recently registered at the Honda UK website so that I will be e-mailed with any recalls, product information etc. As the owner of a 'grey' or Japanese import I was expecting to be ignored by Honda UK but to their credit they e-mailed me today.

In their letter attachment they advised that my Insight may be affected by "peeling around the rear of the door handles" and if this is found on my Insight it can be repaired at no cost. (No, they do not mention paint but it is implied).

I do not have this problem and have not seen any mention of it on this forum / website either. Has anyone had this problem? Was the same notice issued in the US? Or being horribly cynical, is it some kind of ploy to get me into the local Honda service centre?
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peeling door handle

The first Insight I sat in at the dealer, and then drove, had a very curious wrinkling of the chrome inside door latch on the passenger side. very obvious problem of some sort. I check my inside latch handles visually on a daily basis, just to make sure something has not happened. This was the last week in February, on a new '03.

'03 silver MT
barefoot on the pedal
Peeling, yes please!

Pod car's passenger door handle has a blister in the chrome. I just notived it yesterday when the mechanic was test driving it to track down an odd vibration.

The vibration turned out to be an even larger blister in one of the Potenzas. The good news is that I can finally ditch those POS tires.

And now it sounds like the dealer will fix my door handle for me.

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