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Discussion Starter · #1 · had to about 70K miles, I commented on how nice the tires were wearing and that we should probably rotate them before winter. At ~71K, a large framing nail / small gutter spike found its way into the tire...head first, in through the tread and out through the sidewall.

Before purchasing new tires I did some searching on the forums and the general consensus was that a 175/65 tire would increase the stability and ride of the insight, but at a cost of ~3-5mpg. Although some thought that the mpg loss might be due more to the replacement tires not being LRR like the RE92. (Many other brands were mentioned in the 175 size, but I didn't see any mention of the Potenza RE92)

So I went looking at tire rack and found that they have the Potenza RE92 in the 175 size. I picked up a set of two and now have them installed on the rear of the Insight. I will post back when I have a chance to drive them for a while in different conditions. I would also like to switch them to the front and see how much difference it makes in mileage and speedo accuracy. The 175's are listed as 902 revs/mile while the 165's are listed as 926 r/m, so that is only about 2.2% different.

Has anyone else tried a set of the 175 Potenza's?
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