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Just wondering if anyone here on the forum is planning on attending the 29th Annual Energy Fair in Custer, WI June 15th-17th. Here's a brief description of the event for those who are unfamiliar:

The Energy Fair brings over 13,000 people together to learn about clean energy and sustainability, connect with others, and take action towards a sustainable future. The Fair features interactive workshops, exhibitors, live music, inspiring keynote speakers, family fun, great local food, and more. Organized by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, The Energy Fair is the longest-running event of its kind in the nation. People who attend are empowered to support renewable energy, efficiency, and sustainable living including home and land owners, educators, energy professionals, architects, builders, contractors, utilities, environmental advocates, and unions.

Here's a link for more info:

It would be great to see some Insights at this event. I don't want to be an island in the Prius Sea!
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