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Anyone have a spare Pioneer TS-G1647?

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I bought a pair of these off of eBay (one of those “open box” specials) and one of the speakers wasn’t working. The guy sent me a refund to make it right but now I need to find another good speaker. I thought maybe someone here might have one after their latest stereo upgrade or something.

Anybody fit that description?
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The bad speaker had metal shavings all over the magnet and down inside the coil which kept it from moving at all. The other one was brand new. Go figure.

Anyway, I had found a pair of TS-A1661's that I was going to use in the rear locations and was searching for another TS-G1647 when I found someone close to me that had a pair of TS-A1654's. Since the tweeter on these stuck out a little more than the 1661's, I changed my plans and put the 1654's in the rear (using the brackets and grills from the Honda kit to keep a stock look) and put the 1661's in the doors.

So far I've been really pleased with the sound. I only have the radio and tapes to listen to but plan on adding a CD Changer in the near future.

So, through all of this, I have become the person I was originally looking for with the extra TS-G1647. If anyone needs ONE (or Pioneer grills for any of the speakers listed above) let me know and I'm sure we can work something out!
I got the whole rear speaker kit ($55 @ and used everything but the speakers. The brackets are not available separately. I used the $ I saved getting the speakers off eBay to buy the kit :D :!:
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