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Anyone here have a 03 and up Corolla?

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I'm tempted to buy one and would like to know what kinda mileage/tips the hyper milers can offer......or should I wait for the 06 Civic?
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Hi Pretzelboy:

___I own an 03 Corolla LE w/ Auto. Although it did well in the FE department, the Corolla may end up not quite as capable as the 05 Accord PZEV I am driving now. This shall remain to be seen?

___The Rolla’s best tank came about in late June of 04 with a single tank range of 751 miles at 51.8 mpg. My lmpg in it was ~ 43 - 44 mpg when I was behind the wheel but with the wife or son, forget about it :( The Corolla’s seating ergonomics are just ok so make sure you sit behind the wheel for some time as Toyota was reaching for higher crash test scores vs. driver comfort and larger capacity figures when they designed the latest gen Corolla’s seats imho …

___Overall, the Toyota ICE’s is no Honda but the current non-hybrid Civic’s gearing is truly messed up for high FE. Build quality, appearance, and pricing were rather phenomenal for the 03 Corolla but I paid just $200 over invoice at time of purchase in September of 03. Do not over pay for a Corolla if you plan on purchasing one or you will be sorry … If it were me, I would definitely wait to see what is in store with the 06 Civic’s. A true full re-design is in store (you can find more 06 Civic details/rumors over at and I am sure this time around, the Honda marketing and engineering teams worked together instead of against one another as appears to be the case with the previous 2 gen releases. Including Side and Side curtains as std. equipment in the 06 Civic make it worth the wait. Make sure you also consider a PZEV based 05 Accord LX as a possible alternative. The prices that the 05 Accord’s are going for might make both the 05/06 Corolla and the 06 Civic look like a mistake when comparing size, amenities, performance, and FE in the entire package.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___[email:3drjc4dl][email protected][/email:3drjc4dl]
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