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Last year I bought a new 02 leftover cvt for $14,600. (totalled a month later). Then I found out Boch Honda in Norwood MA had two 03 leftovers. I paid $13,800 for my five speed with no ac.
They were real glad to get rid of it and had three 04's all cvt's
If you can get a cvt for a lot less then is the five speed worth it?
I liked the ease of the cvt in the city, and I like the fun of the five speed (it gets about 10% better miles per gallon). If you could save thousands on the cvt you would never get that money back in fuel savings. Besides the cvt is a cleaner machine.
Find a nice Honda salesman in your area and he can search ALL the Honda dealerships in the U.S. in no time and tell you exactly where they are.
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