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Anyone tried a K&N Filter? Effects on mileage?

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For a while now I've been considering changing the OEM air filter setup with a K&N filter kit. In most other cars (including others I've owned), I have indeed felt increased power and gotten better fuel mileage after installing a K&N filter, and I was wondering if anyone on here has done that and if so, what have the results been?

I guess even though my past experience tells me it could at least give a little more power without changing fuel mileage much, I'm wary because I wonder just how much Honda has maximized the engine breathing already and if I would just be wasting money for negligble gains in either area (mileage or power). In my other cars the K&N way has been a really cheap way to get a few hp and a couple mpg for little money (actually it might save some money in the long haul because you don't have to buy any more air filters, you just clean the filter from time to time).

Any insights (hehee, some amount of pun intended :D ) that y'all might have would be appreciated!
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Ehh, there is a little tiny bit more power, but I think I'm going back to my Honda filter here soon enough. I've heard too many bad things about K&N's like them releasing oil back down in to the air assembly towards your engine. Honestly if your looking for that extra horse power maybe, but I'd say not really worth $30.
has anyone tried removing just the intake muffler? (if that's what it's called... and if that's really it's only function)

i wouldn't mind a little more noise and a little better power/response :)

i've tried "showing" people on the road how quiet my car is, like at stoplights, but their engine alone makes too much noise for them to notice a lack of sound coming from mine

even bikers sitting a foot away don't notice! :(
People on the Yahoo! forums have removed the resonator from the intake, if that's what you're referring to.

I've crept up on friends/family while in idle-stop... all they hear is the wheels of the car crunching over leaves, and then they spin around, startled. It's great! :)
Rick said:
I've heard too many bad things about K&N's like them releasing oil back down in to the air assembly towards your engine.

I've been using K&N's for a long time. I don't know where you've heard these bad things about them, but I can tell you from my experience it isn't true! Granted with the Inisight you are correct we will only see a slight increase in open throttle power, but that is a good thing, considering it's only a 3 cylinder engine. We need all the power we can get.

If your K&N is releasing oil into the engine then you cleaned/re-oiled it incorreclty. K&N oil filters let your engine breath easier. They are reuseable and last much longer than OEM air filters, (saving us money and good for the environment). They trap more particles the dirtier they get.

K&N air filters are the first thing many, many Corvette owners change on their cars. They are used in many race cars. And I haven't heard them report any problems using this filter.
Forgot to tell you....I have this air filter in my Insight and have not noticed a difference in mpg from the OEM filter. But it does have more pep on the freeway.
If I only get a little more power at open throttle and really no change in mileage, that would be enough for me to want to get this product for my Insight. I also have used K&N filters on my previous vehicles and have had no problems, but I felt before I did this with my Insight I'd see if anyone else had tried it out. Thanks for the input.
Even if you didn't get any increase in power, using a K&N is better for the environment because it is cleanable and reusable.
what i don't get is, why don't all car manufacturers use K&N or similar technology in all their cars? if it's nothing but benefits, and a small added cost, why not?
Because most people don't want to have to clean the filters and re-oil them. They just want to throw the old ones away. Or have a dealership change them and they certainly don't want to spend time cleaning and re-oiling. Also consider the cost, if a car manufacture wants to keep the consumer cost down, every little bit helps.

Car makers aren't known for always doing what's best for their products, just what's cheapest.
K&N for Insight: Any more scoop?

It's great to see the discussion about the K&N filters on the group. Any tips on where to buy and what's a reasonable price?
What's involved in re-oiling one? And how can you do it wrong?

I've used K&N OEM replacement (fits in the same compartment, not the cone-like model) filters in my last 2 cars, they worked great. But I've never had to clean or re-oil one. How can you do it wrong, and what causes the oil to get into the engine and just how bad is this?

With no loss in MPG and increased throttle responsiveness, sound slike a good thing. When it comes time to replace it I'll probably go K&N.
When you buy the cleaner kit it gives instructions on how to clean and re-oil the filter. And YES you can re-oil it incorrectly by over oiling it. The instructions are very clear on how to correctly do it though.
Re: K&N for Insight: Any more scoop?

jameskb said:
It's great to see the discussion about the K&N filters on the group. Any tips on where to buy and what's a reasonable price?
I checked out the available kit directly on K&N's webpage sometime back. If I decide to do this, I'm going to order directly from them, then I don't have to worry about some local dealer charging a markup over the manufacturer's price. Their website is:
K&N filter

I bought one at Advance Auto Parts. Note, though, that they didn't have any in the store, or at the local warehouse. they had ONE at the regional warehouse. It took only a couple days to arrive, though. I paid $35.99 plus tax. ... de=33-2180

$33.76 from which is one of K&N's direct online resellers.

I guess re-reading this forum has convinced me to "upgrade" to KN Air Filter when it comes time to replace it.
I noticed a slight improvement in peep. None in MPG. My choice was based on cost over the lifetime of the car.
One good filter or many cheap filters :wink:

I want to dyno the car - only cost about 30.00 locally
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