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Anyone tried the K & N filter?

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Couldn't find any threads on the K & N permanent high efficency air filter. I'm for trying one on mine (if I keep it much longer with my battery issue). ... randid=107
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I serviced the K&N air filter at the same time. I had been wanting to check the valve adjustment since I have read a lot of debates here and elsewhere on the filtration of the K & N. I am now satisfied that it does a very good job of filtering harmful media from the intake air. If a lot of contaminates had been passing through, the intake valves would have been TIGHT. The dirt wears the valve seat and face. I have seen this a lot in motorcycles. I worked in a Honda motorcycle dealership service department four years mainly on dirt bikes.
The above quote was from my post at:

The K & N had been installed by the previous owner at 65,000 miles.
I am NOT AT ALL AFRAID of using the K & N.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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