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Are my driving habits compatible with an Insight?

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After spending hours poring over the topics in this forum, I'm beginning to wonder if I really should be considering an Insight.

I average about 7,000 miles of driving per year. My commute is currently a mere 14.5 miles round trip and I often bicycle to work.

Many of you have looong commutes and Insights with six-digit mileage on their odometers. Would it be harder on the battery packs and electric motor if an Insight had lower mileage, and perhaps frequently spent five days in a row sitting idle in a garage?

The other concern I have after all this reading is that there seems to be wide variations in prices paid (although maybe this is normal--never studied vehicle prices outside beyond a local market) and availability. There are a few new and used Insights in my area, all CVTs. I credit this to the fact that the people knock each other over to get Priuses.

My primary motivation was that I promised myself I'd get a hybrid next car when Insights weren't available yet in '99 and I don't need to seat four with four doors--rather have a hatchback, even a smaller one.

Thanks for all the great advice offered so far!
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Full electric would be great...

Except that 5 miles of my commute is freeway, and I live in a condo, so it might be tough to set up the charging equipment in the garage.

Otherwise I'd be all over it. I used to live in Phoenix, and had long talks in parking lots with EV1 owners. That car would have been perfect, since the long drive I do take somwhat regularly is exactly 70 miles.

BTW, as others have said, Saris does make a roof rack to fit the Insight.

I know that many of you have equipped your Insights with CD players and expanded stereo systems. Was there some technical reason (fuses, circuits, 12V battery use) why Honda didn't do that from the factory? I didn't know anyone even bothered to put cassette players in cars above Echos or Kias in this age of MP3 players.
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