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Atlanta Area Insighters meeting

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Hey all you atlanta Area insighters.... how about starting a once a month meeting to just hang out and compare insights. I just went with a few freinds to their Miata club monthly meeting... it was pretty fun.

I go to GA tech... and i woulud love to drive a lap around campus with a train of insights!!!

Any one else want to get together?
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Justin ... I own a home in Atlanta, but work in Boston. YUCK! I don't get my Insight back to Atlanta very often, but would love to come to a meeting if you get a group put together. Please keep me advised!

Gee, maybe thre is a group in the Boston area I could hook up with too?
Man, thats some commute... but i can sympathise.... i go to school in atlanta... work for NASA in cleveland, hale from Connecticut (but was born in boston) and my girlfreind goes to school in newyork....

I travel alot. I am probably the first 20 year old to ever get into one of those "you fly so much, we are just gonna give you first class seats" clubs ... ill let you know when the meeting is!

Keep me posted. I consider myself Atlanta area since it is the closest big city. Wouldn't be able to come much, but it'd be fun if I happen to be in the area visiting friends. :wink:
Sounds like it could be fun. I used to be at Georgia Tech, and now live near Decatur.
come one... i know there are more of us out there, i see us driving everywhere... Maybe i need to pus a big sign to tell em all to join the forum!
Hi JustinGray:

___I know Hot_Georgia_2004 (HCH w/ CVT) and Stevo12886 (01 Corolla but wants a hybrid), both out of the Atlanta area would love to meet up you guys. They are both mods over at I will pass a note to them over there this evening if you are interested in letting them join in for a meet …

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:1tyz2d5m][email protected][/email:1tyz2d5m]
any and all are welcome... if you know peopel who want to come cause the kinda sorta maybe want to buy a hybrid of any make... send them an invite!

ok, How does friday october 1st sound for everyone?? we can make it the first friday of every month... at um... any suggestions for a good place to meet up!

Hi JustinGray:

___I only had time to update my tank data over at Greenhybrid but will PM both Steve’s tonight after I get back from an open house I have to attend in a few minutes …

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:3prlctmc][email protected][/email:3prlctmc]
I didn't know there were that many Insights in Atlanta? I see another one about every 3 months. I take it to Honda Carland in Alpharetta to be worked on, and they make it sound like it's about the only one thay see.

The last one I saw was a blue one at Red Top Mountain Park. At first I thought someone was stealing mine, but then I saw it had Washington State plates.

I'm not working Friday, so I'm available during the day. not sure where a good place to meet is. I live in north Cobb.
yah, that'd be great. I dont know how often i could pull it off, saturday's are really the only days that make sense for me. I live up in Gainesville (lake lanier), so its only like a 45 minute drive. Plus it would give me some more highway hypermilage training for those weekends i want to come home next year. Maybe we could have a pre-game get to gether? (tech i mean)
one quick question, is your insight blue? parked on west...err, something? idk, my bro thought he may see it.
So from what i here... friday works for most people. IF you would like to come to the October 1st, atlanta Area insighters meeting, please email me at [email protected]. Let me know if you can make it. Plan to meet round 8:00 friday. Once i know how many, ill put up a post on the place.
i e-mailed, but got a could not send response
I may be able to make it. Just bought mine three days ago. I'm an hour south of ATL. Would be cool to meet up with some of you :)
Im not real sure on a definite count for this little event.. but i guess firday at 8:00 is about the right time.... any sugggestions as to a place? perhaps outside the perimiter?
Mall of Georgia maybe?....thats a little far from atlanta though
Ok, I believe i have selected a place. .... what does everyone think of the Norcorss Tavern
29 Jones St
Norcross, GA 30071

I have gone there for some other car club meetings... its a pretty nice place and lots of room to show off the cars!

The other option would be something in downtown atlanta... i dont want to make people come into downtown ona friday night, but it that is what eveyone wants... im ok with that (cause im already here)

Pleas respond soon.... otherwise i will just assume that everyone can show up at 8:00 at the Norcorss tavern this friday night!
Norcross sounds a lot more convenient for me than the Mall of Georgia!
alright thats cool, whats the taverns regulation on age and entering though?
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