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Fair was cool... was Billy's Insight. The clearcoat is nifty, and his 411-sign is very appropriate to non-Hybrid and Hybrid viewers alike. It would be interesting to see how the mirror removal changes the drag coefficient. It was great to compare what's under the hood of his no-A/C 5-speed to my CVT. I'm missing the engine cover sticker (hmpf).

Met three other Insighters and saw two more in the parking lot: a red '03 5-speed and a silver of undeterminable age (lightening bolt seat covers, 5-speed) but likely at least '03 guessing from the door panel fabric change. Foolishly, none of us brought a camera for a multi-Insight photo op; next time.

It was a five-Insight day: saw a blue one while driving home; the yawning driver didn't respond to my thumbs-up, however. It appears Insights are becoming as everyday as Priuses here in Seattle.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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