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Audio Noise

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Hey guys,
Im kinda not bad at electronics, but im not great. I have an aftermarket head unit setup in my insight. It has an AUX in which i hook up my ipod too. I accomplish this through a 12v adapter whcih has an audio out on it. But the problem is that i am getting white noise comming in. The noise is synced with RPM... in other words, its a ticking that picks up frequency with RPM...

I think that this is due to some kind of poor ground somewhere. But How do i fix the problem. The word isolator comes to mind, but i cant seem to remember why! Can i just re-ground the head unit/ 12v circuit to a better ground?

Any help would be appreciated!
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Ok. so i am gonna reply to meself. I found the isolator i was looking for.

It is a ground loop isolator. I am going to go get ome of these today. That should clean up the audio signal somwhat. However, I am still not satisfied. I would like to find the source of the this noise and eliminate it!

Now knowing what the problem is though, I will crack open the dash this weekend and see what i can find!

The rpm dependent ticking noise makes me think somehow im getting singnal noise from my ignition system. This idea scares me a little. The DC socket im using to power my audio adapter must be picking up the signal noise through the DC ground somehow... I guess i will have to re ground the outlet to some cleaner ground...

Still looking for help/suggestions though.
Thats deffinitely some interference from the ignition somehow. So it does not do it when just using the radio itself, but only when you are using your ipod right? I would say try powering the ipod separately and see if it does it, if it does not then it's something with the incomming power to the ipod.
actually... the interference is really quiet.. so it might do it with the radio but i probably would not hear it.. as i often drive with windows open and sound up. The only reason i heard it today was that as i was parking i paused the Ipod.
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