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I fanally had enough of the stock audio system.

I have fitted a Pinoeer DEH-P5530MP - MP3 player & a set of Kenwood KFC-P703 component speakers.

I had to carry out substantial mods to the platic door trim to make the woofers fit behing the standard grills which involed removing all of the material from behind the speaker in order to clear the lage basket.

I also had to grind away all of the stiffening from the back face of the grills to clear the neoplrene speaker edging.

There is sufficinet space to fit the crossover bhind the door trim, just rearwards of the speaker.

The tweeter were very easy, a couple of holes in the black plastc trim for the wires & we were done.

The improvement is HUGE, sound definition & bass is infinatly better.

Now all I need to do is fnd a couple of small diameter siubwoofer to go behind the seats & we are sorted, the head unit has the ability to filter the rear speaker output to diretly drive a pair of small subs, cool.
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