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August 16 - Huge Insight meet in Toronto, Ontario

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Updated on August 11, 2003

There is going to be a Honda Insight meet in Toronto, Ontario, Canada starting on Saturday August 16 with BBQ Picnic and on Sunday August 17 with an Auto-x race (where you may compete, be a passenger during the races or just watch if your shy)

We have 11 Insight owners interested in attending the BBQ!

Saturday August 16:
Insight owners BBQ Picnic at Sunnybrook Park in Toronto from 10 am to 5 pm. I found the perfect place with natural shelter from wind rain and sun, we will BBQ food all afternoon. After everyone has arrived and eaten we can start a convoy to cruise some major sights of Toronto starting at 5 pm.
There are suprisingly few Insight cars in the Toronto area and most people have not seen or at least noticed our cars before. Everyone will notice us with ~10 Insights driving in single file in alternating colors!

Then we will park our cars and eat dinner at Dave & Busters, which has a nice restaurant as well as a huge arcade in another room.

Sunday August 17:
For those that want to hang out on the next day as well, you are more them welcome to join me at an auto-x race where I will race my Insight against many other types of cars. (Sorry but the car control school was moved to August 24 due to construction on the lot)

For more info go to the official August 16 & 17 Toronto Insight meet web site:
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We can call this a North Eastern North America meet, but all are welcome if they want to make it part of their cross country trip vacation and include a few days in New York city or something (It's about 12 hours from Toronto)
I would consider it a huge Insight meet if we get over 1 dozen cars out!
This was just an early "heads up" so you all mark it on your schedules.
It's going to happen for sure. On Saturday afternoon I will check out a few picnic areas I have in mind (I haven't been there in a while) and I will reserve a shelter for our event.
I drove in some of the nicer parks in Toronto and my girlfriend and I have decided to have it at Sunnybrook park. There is no shelter here but the trees have big leaves that provide excellent protection.
There are real washrooms nearby and the parking is right beside the picnic area we have in mind so we can expect lots of other people asking us questions.
I'll post a link with directions and info on the Saturday Picnic and the Sunday car control school option soon.
I have updated the info on the first post of this topic.
Go to page 1 and read the first post again.
I will create a web site with maps, directions and other details tonight.
Here is the latest update:
- BBQ Picnic August 16 is still on, no worries.
-The details of the scenic convoy drive around toronto will be finallized tonight.
* But, the Car Control School scheduled for August 17 has been moved to August 24 due to construction on the lot. Sorry for all those that live far away and will miss this fantastic course.

- So for August 17 those interested should join me at a WOSCA auto-x where I will race my Insight around a tight course set up with pylons.
You are welcome to watch, be a passenger in almost any car there, and/or try racing your own car (no experience neccessary).
I'll bring videos of my Insight and other cars auto-x racing to the picnic in case you are interested in learning more.
What is an auto-x race?

Details on the auto-x on August 17 in Woodstock (1.5 hours west of Toronto very close to highway 401):
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The web site with info on the August 16 & 17 Insight gathering in Toronto is now up (keep in mind this is the first web site I have ever created)
Now that I finally got started (I just figured out how to create a web site) I will keep adding more info in the next few days.
I have updated the web site and added more information about the gathering this weekend.
We have 11 Insight owners intersted in attending.
Let me know if you are bringing someone with you, we need a head count so we can figure out how much food we need and split it up.

The park has permanent steel BBQs for public use, I'll bring charcoal.
If someone wants to bring a gas BBQ that would be great.

11 people in the last 2 months have claimed that they planned to attend.
Within the last week I got confirmation from:

Aaron Cake

Please let us know again if you are still planning on going to this Insight gathering, and if you are bringing a guest.

We lost electrical power at 4:15 pm yesterday and got it back at 10 pm in Woodstock (1.5 hours west of Toronto).
The BBQ can still happen tomorrow because I can buy all the food here if needed. We don't need electricy in Toronto to have a BBQ in a park!

Please let me know if you are or are not going to the BBQ because of the recent electrical blackouts.

phone my cell phone anytime today or tomorrow to let me know.

After reading more details about the power outage on
it looks like we might have to cancel this BBQ. But if several people manage to phone me and want to go ahead we will do it.
I'm going to the BBQ with my girlfriend anyways, so I hope some of you show up.

I will be going to the auto-x on sunday as planned, so hopefully I'll see some of you there.
I just got a phone call from Jerry,
and he will be going to the BBQ.
The Toronto Insight gathering on Saturday was a huge success.
The day before the event I was not sure if anyone was going to arrive because of the power outage in Ontario and nearby states.

In total 6 Insights gathered and most of us met for the first time.
We drive down Yonge street and around down town Toronto and then on the highway all the way to dinner at Dave and Busters. We all drove in single file lined up in alternating colours. At one point we drove by the Supra club that had maybe 20 or 30 cars parked on the road. Lots of people noticed us, most have never seen or noticed an Insight before (there are very very few in Ontario).

The newest Insight was 2 days old and the oldest was my 2000 model but it was funny because we all bought our Insights (new or used) within the last 7 months!
Special mention to nnielson who drove all the way from St.Louis about 11 hours away. Everyone else was within a 1.5 hours drive.

Here are the pictures taken using my girlfriend's digital Canon A60 camera:,phch.photosite.view.ScreenHome?

You can actually order any of those pictures on that web site and pick up the prints at your local Walmart. The 4x6 prints come out in photographic quality.

I had a great time, I hope they make a section in this forum for
Insight Gatherings so we can meet more often.
I would like to thank everyone that showed up.
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