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August 16 - Huge Insight meet in Toronto, Ontario

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Updated on August 11, 2003

There is going to be a Honda Insight meet in Toronto, Ontario, Canada starting on Saturday August 16 with BBQ Picnic and on Sunday August 17 with an Auto-x race (where you may compete, be a passenger during the races or just watch if your shy)

We have 11 Insight owners interested in attending the BBQ!

Saturday August 16:
Insight owners BBQ Picnic at Sunnybrook Park in Toronto from 10 am to 5 pm. I found the perfect place with natural shelter from wind rain and sun, we will BBQ food all afternoon. After everyone has arrived and eaten we can start a convoy to cruise some major sights of Toronto starting at 5 pm.
There are suprisingly few Insight cars in the Toronto area and most people have not seen or at least noticed our cars before. Everyone will notice us with ~10 Insights driving in single file in alternating colors!

Then we will park our cars and eat dinner at Dave & Busters, which has a nice restaurant as well as a huge arcade in another room.

Sunday August 17:
For those that want to hang out on the next day as well, you are more them welcome to join me at an auto-x race where I will race my Insight against many other types of cars. (Sorry but the car control school was moved to August 24 due to construction on the lot)

For more info go to the official August 16 & 17 Toronto Insight meet web site:
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A Gathering of Hybrids in Toronto? THANK YOU! Consider distributing invitations to the local (Toronto area) Honda dealerships which really need to bear witness that, a) 2003's do indeed exist, and b) the Insight has earned an enthusiastic following. I'm thrilled to find so much information on this site but equally disappointed to find so little interest at the dealership level. Half the problem is just finding a car once you convince them they're still in production. One dealership's manager told me they had a "party" when they moved the one Insight they had––it had been there so long. (I was just p!$$!% to have missed it!) Of course, they have some lovely Civic SiR's if I'm in a hurry...but I digress. Another dealership actually offered to have one brought in so I could take a look, but so far I haven't heard back.

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