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"Auto Stop" a NO GO !!?

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I have read a previous thread and was wondering if there was anything I can try to do before I take this to Honda (and probably spend a lot...)

I have a 2000 5 speed Honda Insight in which the Auto Stop does NOT stop the car. This is with the AC off and the car in neutral at stop signs. Everything should tell me that the car SHOULD STOP, but it does not.

Is there anything I should try to do MYSELF and CHECK before I take it to the dealer? Plus, the Emergency Brake light DOES NOT WORK. If this is a bulb, can I change it or is is one of those things that Honda will charge $100 plus to change a bulb under the dash. Or is this a fuse for THIS LIGHT (INDICATOR) that I can change.

Thanks for any help or advice....
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Interesting ....

Interesting posts from these people, but still a little confusing. One guy deals with his situation in Winter. Living in Texas, like myself, this post would have little contributions to my problem IN THIS HEAT !!

The second one is kind of interesting. I wonder IF it could be the temperature sensor. IF I can find it, may I should have it checked out or replace it. I wonder what the price is on this?

Also an interesting point is that someone mentioned 'checking fuses.' Would a fuse stop the "Auto Stop" from working? And if so, which fuse would it be?

Thanks for your feedback and posts for me to look at. Any additional comments would be grateful.

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