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Automatic Brakes Initiated Annunciator

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Hi, All:

Anyone has one of these installed?

My local MINI group is installing them, but I'm much more interested
in it for the Insight. I don't know if it's the see-through trunk window
or simply endless supply of tailgaters, but we get people following
us VERY closely, to the point that they probably can't see any of
our brake lights.

I've been wanting to add another brake light at the top edge of the
rear window, but don't know where to start, plus I worried about
the light interferring with visibility, either by position, or by
reflecting light.

Our Insight was rear-ended by a Ford F-150 awhile back. Both
cars were at a stop sign. The guy was so closed that he didn't
see any of the brake lights and ASSumed that my wife was
going to pulling forward after a car passed by. There's probably
nothing to prevent the idiot from ramming us in this case, but
I often feel that the 3rd brake light's placement is not at an
optimal spot...

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Hmmm, they do make blinking LED's. It wouldn't be very hard at all to figure out something that had a strip of them that mount to the top of the hatch. The wiring would be easy, just a resistor and the led. The powe draw would be minimal enough you could tap in to the existing brake lighting probably with no problems. Of course they would flash all the time, but still it would get attention.

I might mention I have a similar fear that you do. If you check the post about led tail lights I'm still considering doing it. I am currently waiting for 300 more led's to be shipped from hong kong right now. But if I go for it and buy two new tail lights to modify I'm going to make tail lights that will have 200, 5mm led's a piece. 100 of which will be just for the brake lights! I don't want to promise I'm doing this, but I'm committed to the first step. If this goes through, at 6,000mcd a piece from the red led's they should hurt to look at. This is not going to be a cheap mod, but people will know I'm stopping NOW!
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Anybody checked if the blinking thing is DOT Ok'd? Just wondering...Would stink to get ticketed, but if it helps keep from getting flattened, might be worth it.
flashing brake lights

Been using something similar on the motorcycle for years with no problem. People do tend (for the most part) to stay back a little. A couple links to places that sell led strips with or without flashers:
Here is the one I use: Signal Dynamics

I installed it when I removed my rear wiper but I think it would fit back there regardless. I do think some people are aware of it and leave more room. I got it because there are spots on the freeway I travel that go from 80+mph to dead stopped in a heartbeat! Just this morning I got to see a BMW in the next lane flat-spot his front tires. 8) I always try to leave a big gap but I want those behind me to know that I am braking.

One funny note: I had a woman here at work following me one morning in the city traffic near our building. She saw the flashing brake light and wanted to know if that was to let other drivers know I was in Auto-Stop and not to worry, I would be going again!
I hate those things. In stop and go traffic they're just contantly blinking. It's very distracting.
SeanW said:
Here is the one I use: Signal Dynamics

I installed it when I removed my rear wiper but I think it would fit back there regardless.
So there is room back there to house one of these type of modules?

Would you say it's a difficult install? If so, what should I be aware of?



Here are the dimensions they list: 2-1/4"L x 1-5/8"W x 5/8"H

5/8" is the thickness with the wires running out the side. I do believe there are several places it would mount using double-sided tape. That and some cable-ties is what I used on mine.

The hardest parts are coaxing the cover off (it has the two plastic pins you can see and at least 4 more that pull out underneath) and then having to work over your head when the hatch is open. I don't remember which wire I spliced into but I may have it written down somewhere. I'll check and post back. I seem to remember green or a green stripe.
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