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Hello from Italy!
I've just bought a 2nd gen Insight (1 year used). It's a very nice car but I need your help to use it at better performance...:)

I'm good at balancing the use of fuel and electrical engine but I've some questions about AutoStop system and how to disable it:

1 - It seems to me that it "works" (yes, I hate it:rolleyes:) only if Air Conditioned/heater system is totally off. Is it true?Is there a way to disable it even if I'm not using AC?

2 - Is there a method to start the car air system without automatically put AC on?If I press "Auto" I've got AC on; if I press "Mode" I've got AC on; if I press "up or down" arrows I've got AC:)
In my past cars I used very few times AC to save fuel and to not hear the noise of the pump of AC that go on/off (and because Insight is so quiet I can hear it a lot!:))

Another thing: I must learn how to use the switch between speed. The manual told that:
from P to R -> brake + button + move the gear
from R to N -> button + move the gear
from N to D -> move the gear
from D to S -> move the gear

Is it correct?
Thank you so much and sorry for my english

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