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AutoStop behavior: Is This a ?Problem or Not? (long)

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OK, I know this beloved function has been discussed, and there is information all over the place, but I have a specific question after 3 whole months of experience:

Should autostop happen while the shifter is still in gear, with the clutch engaged (depressed)?

Mine will autostop in any gear if I depress the clutch below 20 mph or so.

In 3rd or any higher gear, this is not a big deal. If I feel I need to accelerate, I will need to downshift and this starts the ICE again.

This IS a problem in 2nd, or less commonly 1st, since sometimes I will depress the clutch and then find that I don't need to stop and release the clutch only to find that autostop has shutdown the ICE, and then I need to clutch and shift out and back into gear to get it going.

For example: I am in a little traffic, in 2nd and it looks like the car in front is slowing to turn left, so I let off the gas and then depress the clutch anticipating stopping, or at least downshifting. But the car turns and I can go....but I can't. In that brief second that the clutch was down, autostop has kicked in. When I let up on the clutch: nothing........................

Oh....... it's off. Clutch in, shift out of gear and back into 2nd (or now 1st) and it refires.
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Holicow said:
Should autostop happen while the shifter is still in gear, with the clutch engaged (depressed)?
Yes, when I have to go of the freeway, and I am at the 5th gear and have to break, at arround 35/40 km/hr, I get a autoshutdown, as soon I release the brake pedal, it starts running again until 5/7 km/hr, then it is going back to autoshutdown. Even when I drive 50 km/hr and I have to take a sharp turn, so I brake, I get a autoshutdown. Sometimes when I am in 2nd gear and I brake, I get a autoshutdown, then sometimes it happens I don't push the pedal deep enough so the engine does not turns on. And this is the perfect moment to get rearended :wink: Be carefull out there, it is a dangerous shifting moment :?
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