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Aux input mod for Kenwood head unit

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Hey gang! I just finished up a quick mod that lets me plug in any music source with a standard stereo mini jack to my Kenwood head unit. Like a cassette player, or mp3 player. The Kenwood has a jack on the back for a cd changer or Sirius radio. I looked on the 'net for a mod and found two. All it took was a 100Kohm resistor and a cable with a stereo mini plug on one end. Once the resister is in place the head unit "sees" another audio source. You have no control over the track selections from the head unit, but that's ok with me. I just start an album and go. This way if I want to listen to a specific artist for awhile I don't have to burn a cd, just copy to the mp3 player. if anyone is interested I will post the url for the mod.
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