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average maintenance costs, etc.

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I just got my Insight so I'm curious what average maintenance costs will be. I know many of you do your own regular maintenance. Alas, I live in apartments where auto care is not permitted. I could got to a friend's house, but honestly, I don't trust my own work and I sincerely believe in Socrates' notion of work specialization.

Where do you take your Insights and how much do you pay? Do you go to the dealer for everything or just for the more major work? Am I going to have to become an expert in Insight care to make sure people don't screw up my sensitive system?

Las Vegas
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I have had my Insight almost 4 years (2000 model year, almost 62,000 miles driven so far), and honestly, all I've done is oil changes about every 3,500 to 5,000 miles, and having the car serviced according to its normal service checkup intervals. I have only taken my car to Honda dealerships, and have found my costs to be very similar to my last car which was also a Honda. I guess I could take the car to anyone for the oil changes, but other than for tires, I figure I have less to worry about by taking it to a dealer who has at least seen Insights come through their service bays in the past.
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