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Back on the Road - My 2000 Insight

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As an intro - I purchased this car a few months ago. It ran, but still needed some work. The secondary catalytic converter was stolen and the IMA was disconnected. The previous owner was not equipped to make the needed repairs

I was able to find a replacement catalytic converter from someone parting the car out. I reconnected the battery and the IMA worked fine for a few months after several discharge and recharge cycles. Recently the IMA light came back on due to a weak battery pack. I disassembled the battery and identified two sticks with low voltage. After replacing those, the IMA light went away and the car runs great.

Great little car, excellent mpg, though uphill isn’t that great.

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Howdy and welcome!
though uphill isn’t that great.
I live in the mountains. My recommendation is to never use 5th gear... not even on long, flat road trips. MPG might suffer slightly, but you'll have less mental downshifting fatigue. I also stay in 3rd gear below 35 mph for the same reason.
If it's a manual, ignore the up-shift arrows on the dash.

Uphill... Put the car in whatever gear will hold 2,000 rpm and it'll pull just fine as long as you have battery. Don't be afraid of the lower gears. 2nd takes you up to 55 mph, easy.

And I agree with @mudder - 5th gear is only good downhill or really flat roads with no headwind. 4th is better. In high-speed city traffic, consider keeping it in 3rd gear for more "zoomability."
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Congrats in getting another Insight back on the road. I live in the same area and would agree with other members suggestion on just driving the Insight like any other car if your not too concerned about hypermilling. Dont be afraid to open up the throttle and let it rev if needed. Ive enjoyed 45mpg carefree short trips around town with ima off. No problems up Santa Cruz mountains highway 17, only challenge in the area would be that straight steep hill off 680 southbound comming from Livermore towards sj where the Insight would need full throttle in 3rd to keep up.
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