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Barely out of break-in and already the mileage is impressive

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Today's morning commute I got 80.8 mpg!

I had to tell everyone I work with, even the car insurance agent (who I had to call to tell them to take the car I just sold off my insurance). Now he wants an Insight too. The sound of jaw hitting floor was heard on my end of the phone.

On this momentous day, I was running at 80.8 during a horrendous downpour. I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me and there were improperly drained roads with huge deep puddles.

Yet I still got 80.8 mpg.

How much better would it have been if it hadn't been storming?

I aspire to join the 100+ mpg club.

Alas, my daily mileage degraded a lot after I had to make a trip to a place that had the worst thing imagineable: a parking ramp.

Silver 2005 Insight 5 spd no AC "Serenity" lmpg 67.3 two weeks old