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I drive 70 miles each way to work, and in the mornings I get to the office with a fully charged battery. I typically have no traffic, and get a good 50-58mpg depending on how conservative I drive. (CVT).

On my way home, I typically hit quite a bit of traffic, and it takes me twice as long to get home. I keep the car from using assist as much as I can, and I'm very light on the gas, but I almost always get home and have 4-5 bars.

I don't think there's a sharp contrast in grade between the commute directions, there's hills going each way, up and down. During the mornings, it seems like the insight doesnt ever use assist, though it always kicks in in the afternoons even when there is no reason for it to. I can be going a steady 50mph, tap the gas a tad, and the darned thing starts assisting me.

Any ideas? I'm still a newbie, got the insight a week ago and still re-learning how to drive. Going from a 300M to an Insight is an exercise in patience!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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