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Battery charge level

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Hi fellow Insight owners,
I am curious if anybody has noticed what I have been noticing about the battery state of charge meter in the 2000 5 speed Insight.
I bought mine used @ 23,000 miles and have driven it 1000 miles thus far.

I notice that the meter shows charge draining really fast under half to full acceleration as well as when climbing hills. For instance, the meter is near full and after a half to one mile of acceleration later the charge indicator shows half charge or even 1/4th charge.

On a similar note, I feel as if something is off kilter on the way the accelerator pedal is functioning. It is almost difficult durring cruising to not allow power to be used from the battery to assist. On the other hand, full acceleration use of the battery/motor seems not to give all that much power for accelerating.

I appreciate any comments on this subject.
2000 Silver 5 spd
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Hi Martin,
[edit] Is it my imagination or did your original signature state you had a 2002? Probably my mistake. At any rate, if you have a 2000 and your acceleration does not seem as good as when you first got the car, you might have the dealer check your ECM. If you have the latest ECM updates, there is a slim possibility that one of your battery cells is defective. I have seen this in some very rare instances. Good luck!

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Actually I think this is normal, and other 5-speed owners can hopefully confirm this. Unless you feel a serious lack of power that had never occurred before, you needn't be worried. I know several 2000, 2001 and 2002 manual transmission owners who rarely have their batteries above half-full and usually see it around the 1/3 mark. So, this clearly has little to do with the car's age and more to do with the manual vs. CVT issue. The CVTs seem to maintain a much higher state of charge under most conditions. Personally I would favor the battery pack being used to the greatest possible extent.
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