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Battery charge level

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Hi fellow Insight owners,
I am curious if anybody has noticed what I have been noticing about the battery state of charge meter in the 2000 5 speed Insight.
I bought mine used @ 23,000 miles and have driven it 1000 miles thus far.

I notice that the meter shows charge draining really fast under half to full acceleration as well as when climbing hills. For instance, the meter is near full and after a half to one mile of acceleration later the charge indicator shows half charge or even 1/4th charge.

On a similar note, I feel as if something is off kilter on the way the accelerator pedal is functioning. It is almost difficult durring cruising to not allow power to be used from the battery to assist. On the other hand, full acceleration use of the battery/motor seems not to give all that much power for accelerating.

I appreciate any comments on this subject.
2000 Silver 5 spd
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Response to input

Yes, in the the original signature I did state I have a 2002, but I made a mistake and corrected it quickly to (2000).
I beleive I have had only one RECAL event. During this event the charge level gauge went all the way down to 0% and possibly even turned off (reset/restarted) for a fraction of a second then showed 100%. The other times that my gauge shows low, it recharges during the remainder of my trip. BTW, I do live in North-West Vermont so the battery pack is being subjected to very harsh temperatures (sub zero at times).
It depends on how hard I press down on the accelerator pedal as to the number of bars lit showing assist level. Most of the time when I want hard assist from the electric motor, the assist meter shows all bars lit or almost all bars lit. From time to time I also only press down hard enough for 50% assist to show.
I do typically use full throttle to accelerate whenever it is necessary, and (the difference between the amount of assist available at high charge vs. low charge is very noticable.)
How is it that the difference between the amount of assist available @ high charge vs. low charge is very noticeable?
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I guess the problem is that I am not used to what "normal" actually is with hybrid technology and that i'm a little uptight that I am not experiencing normal hybrid driving characteristics.
Thanks for all the great information peeople! :)

Hey everyone,
I want to thank all who have responded to my post with such excellent information on this issue. I really appreciate it!! :lol:
Happy cruising,
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