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Battery charge level

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Hi fellow Insight owners,
I am curious if anybody has noticed what I have been noticing about the battery state of charge meter in the 2000 5 speed Insight.
I bought mine used @ 23,000 miles and have driven it 1000 miles thus far.

I notice that the meter shows charge draining really fast under half to full acceleration as well as when climbing hills. For instance, the meter is near full and after a half to one mile of acceleration later the charge indicator shows half charge or even 1/4th charge.

On a similar note, I feel as if something is off kilter on the way the accelerator pedal is functioning. It is almost difficult durring cruising to not allow power to be used from the battery to assist. On the other hand, full acceleration use of the battery/motor seems not to give all that much power for accelerating.

I appreciate any comments on this subject.
2000 Silver 5 spd
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Just a quick question. (Picking up my 2000 5sp Insight tomorrow) If I pick up the car from the dealer and the battery is at 40-50%, the SOC, that is, what can I do in the lot before I go to make it recharge? Did someone mention revving 2000-3000 for a few mins? just curious since Ill be driving it home 45 miles and thought Id like it with some assist.

Does everyone think its normal for low SOC with a manual as previously mentioned? Does anyone with a 5sp ever get more than 80% charge while cruising?

Just thought Id answer my own question. I had 50% SOC when I left the dealership in Nanuet, NY and drove about 45 miles back and averaged 54+ MPG and had a 100% SOC once I got off of 287South. The Autostop turned on twice once I hit 2 stopsights and loved it.

I have maintained a 70+ SOC with daily driving, usually 80%+ or better now that Im learning how to drive it. Im addicted now!

1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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