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Battery gauge never gets past half full

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I just bought a 2001 insight, with 59,000 miles on it. I am trying to find out if the battery is charging properly, or do I have a potential problem. The charge and assist seem to be working as they should but the charge of the IMA batteries, in the week I have driven it, have not gone past the half way point on the gauge.My commute is over 70 miles round trip, almost all highway, and the battery will charge, just not past half way.Is this normal 0r should the IMA batteries take more of a charge than this. I have more questions, but I'll stop and see what answers I get to this.
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Blue-AZ said:

I wondering if I'm using enough assist? I do drive it easy and usually try to coast to a stop light and it shows about 4-5 bars on the re-charge with out using the brakes. If it just touch the brakes mine show full charging.

Just another persons experience. I'm certainly no where near an expert at this yet. But I'm having a great driving my Insight!

Use more assist if you want, but you'll also have to burn more gas at the same time (in general). ;) And don't forget that all rechargeable batteries have a finite life. The more their cycled, especially through their full range E :arrow: F the shorter they'll last. But remember that Honda does add thermal and limits of charge usage to maximize their service life :)

Sounds like your driving the Insight to its full design potential. Owner's who's driving style best matches the design concepts of the car they drive are generally the happiest in the long run...

HTH! :)
A 12v battery disconnect causes an IMA reset and resulting forced charge (computer memories cleared, codes and learned parameters)

You are describing the classic recal events with near end of service life frequency. Honda's policy in the past has been that until the frequency is great enough to set an IMA battery failure code (the red IMA light won't time out after the engine is started or comes on while driving) then their still usable. Will they last another year, 10K miles :?: Hard to tell, sorry. You'll just have to wait.

I've been seeing something very similar in mine for two years now. Mine is temperature related. Now that cooler weather has settled in 'til next spring I'm expecting near new IMA recal behavior. When temps hit the mid 80's F I get a recal daily for my normal driving pattern. Temperature sensitivity is another indicator of rechargeable battery aging. Sorry, its just part of the hybrid experience.

See my old post for the whole story ;) (Long, you've been warned :!: :p )

HTH! :)
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Good point :!:

ALthough so far ground connection problems seem to be geographically limited to high snow areas and road salt, or seashore salt.


Ground Cables Connection Mod ... php?t=3196

HTH! :)
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