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Battery gauge never gets past half full

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I just bought a 2001 insight, with 59,000 miles on it. I am trying to find out if the battery is charging properly, or do I have a potential problem. The charge and assist seem to be working as they should but the charge of the IMA batteries, in the week I have driven it, have not gone past the half way point on the gauge.My commute is over 70 miles round trip, almost all highway, and the battery will charge, just not past half way.Is this normal 0r should the IMA batteries take more of a charge than this. I have more questions, but I'll stop and see what answers I get to this.
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I agree with Resist's opinion that it sounds as though there isn't much chance to recharge the batteries.

Two points though:- if your 12V battery is failing then the IMA system will divert power to the 12V to try and keep it charged. How old is your 12V?

It may also be worth doing an IMA reset (disconnect the 12V battery for at least 5 seconds to clear down the memory) which may shake things up a bit for the better. HTH.
P.S. Don't forget the headlights on trick (creates more charging, can't remember why).

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