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Battery gauge never gets past half full

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I just bought a 2001 insight, with 59,000 miles on it. I am trying to find out if the battery is charging properly, or do I have a potential problem. The charge and assist seem to be working as they should but the charge of the IMA batteries, in the week I have driven it, have not gone past the half way point on the gauge.My commute is over 70 miles round trip, almost all highway, and the battery will charge, just not past half way.Is this normal 0r should the IMA batteries take more of a charge than this. I have more questions, but I'll stop and see what answers I get to this.
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for what it's worth... :? I too just recently bought my 2001 5spd. It as about the same miles as yours does. When I picked it up the battery meter was about 1/2. But ever since I started driving it, it always shows full or maybe 1-2 bars lower. I drive about 100 miles per day averaging around 65mph and mine stays full.

Last weekend I only drive in town (a/c off) and the lowest I saw was about 3 bars from the top. I wondering if I'm using enough assist? I do drive it easy and usually try to coast to a stop light and it shows about 4-5 bars on the re-charge with out using the brakes. If it just touch the brakes mine show full charging.

Just another persons experience. I'm certainly no where near an expert at this yet. But I'm having a great driving my Insight!

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