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i know this has probably been asked 10000000000 times before, but....

a couple of times, in the last couple of weeks since moving to FL i have driven the car and turned it off with a full battery gauge. when i return to the car later and start it, the battery gauge reads 3-5 bars. it will force charge while i'm driving, and the first time it did this it returned to full charge within a day or 2.

now, it has done it again. i drove to officemax (about 3 miles away) and got out of the car with a full battery gauge. 10 mins. later, i started it back up and the gauge is 3 bars. it charged to 4 bars on the way home.

is my ima going out, and should i contact a dealer? if so, who should i talk to in central florida (if anyone knows?) thank you

btw - 01 cvt with 35k miles.

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I wish I replied to this one first....Your other post about the A/C
dropping your mileage in half is due to this problem...Having to
force charge every time you get in the car during the day will
kill your mileage waaay more than just A/C being used...Having
the A/C on while force charging will explain 31MPG...Your real
problem is the battery losing charge (or the BCM reporting a false
state of the battery.) Is the battery fan inlet vent directly behind
the passenger seat blocked?...If you are using A/C anyway, push
the passenger seat a little forward (if possible) to allow more air
flow to the batteries...

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Your IMA battery could be going bad. Recals occur when the IMA battery voltage drops lower than the BCM expects. On symptom of a bad battery is high self-discharge rate.

Another reason could be that BCM is loosing stand-by power. Either your 12V battery is weak and letting the voltage drop too much or you have blown a fuse or a loose wire somewhere.

good luck....

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Until the IMA light comes on and you get an IMA battery code of death any warranty consideration for the batteries is very unlikely.

For more that you probably want to know about the IMA batteries see:

If its still is quirky over the next couple of days the first step is an IMA reset: ... orage.html

I'd do it late in the evening or early in the morning before the interior gets hot to limit thermal stresses on the pack.

Just relax :!: Remember the IMA system is warrantied 8 years or 80,000 miles. You've got a long way to go :!: :D

HTH! :)
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