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Hi guys. I received the famous letter from Honda stating that there "might" be something wrong with 2000-04 IMA batteries. etc..etc..

If there is something wrong a light would go up in our dashes etc.. However do I have to wait for that? Should I or should I not go to the dealer to have them check it out? I don't have anything showing up on my dash, but I wonder if I should have it checked anyways.

Real irritation with some of the dealers is because they have so little experience with our cars I feel that I sometimes have to guide them...

I'm just trying to figure out what would cause this premature deterioration in the batteries?

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The letter says it all.

Ima warranty extension ... php?t=4579

Its NOT a RECALL. Honda Canada has decided to DOUBLE the warranty on the IMA battery pack. The warranty never covered decreased performance due to aging, which is _normal_ for _any_ type of rechargeable battery. There is a threshold of performance loss that the IMA system will not tolerate. Its that point that's programmed into the MCM to set a code.

What causes it :?: Complex question without one single answer. Ultimately no matter what, age is the culprit. Heat is probably a close second with heavy IMA Charge / Assist use following up third.

When your IMA light comes on if the code(s) reflect a failing battery pack and your still within the new extended mileage interval (240,000 Km) its covered :!: :D

There's nothing to check as far as the IMA batteries go before then.

HTH! :)
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