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Battery replaced? Did you have to remove your alarm?

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Ok, just wondering for people out there if you have an aftermaket alarm system, is there any reason for honda to request it to be removed before diagnosising the car

The alarm is a Viper VX 690 (i think) Professional installed somewhere around 70K Km with no issues/problems.

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A bogus crutch for a poor troubleshooter.

Hondas' "supertech" disabled my remote start and cruise control before he would attempt to diagnois a P1167 code. The dealer had already put in 4 or 5 LAF O2 sensors and a new "super ecm".

The problem was ultimately found to be the cat. converter...which they begrudgingly replaced after accusing me of poisoning it. I told them that the only thing that I added to the tank was the cheapest gas possible.

They left the aftermarket items wiring in a shambles that I'm still trying to mend.

I advise pulling the fuse or ground wire only and tell them to get on with their job
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