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I have a 2002 CVT with 44,000 miles.
About 2 weeks ago the IMA and Check Engine lights came on and the assist/charge indicator stopped working. For 3 days the battery charge status indicator still worked, but then on a cold night when I started the car it was down to one bar and didn't re-charge. So I called the closest dealer (Chezik-Bell) in Iowa City and made an appointment to have it looked at. They found fault codes P1600 IMA malfunction and P1449 battery module deterioration. The service advisor told me that the battery and 2 control units need to be replaced and that they're covered under the warranty. So he ordered the parts and I went in 3 days later and the work was performed. I asked him how much it would have cost to replace the battery if not under warranty and he showed me the invoice and it was approximately $5500 for the parts.
I had reset the odometer right when the IMA and check engine lights came on and drove for about 350 miles until the new battery was installed and I still averaged 44.4 MPG using gas with 10% ethanol! My lifetime average is 48.5MPG.
I also had to get a new 12V battery because it coincidentally (I think) went bad during my week or so without a functioning IMA battery. It was the original battery. I also had my brakes replaced and oil changed. They charged me $10.50 for an oil change! I am so happy and I will love my car forever - till death do us part. :)

I just wrote about this FYI.

Joanna :) :)
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