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Wow, I haven't seen such a comprehensive collection of urban myths in one place in a while!

The NiMH battery will store just fine empty. If it happens to be full, that's fine, too. It will self-discharge over the first few months and thats's that.

As far as the temperature goes, Panasonic specifies this in their datasheet:
storage for less than 6 months: -20 to 55 C
storage for less than 2 years: -20 to 45 C

Looks like they are more concerned about heat than cold. They don't specify anything for storage over two years, but that just means there may be some degradation of performance after that. This is to be expected.

And don't worry about concrete floors or metal shelves or rubber boots. Remove the battery from the car in a full moon night and put a rabbits foot under it when you put it on the shelf. Some cloves of garlic might help, too :cool:
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