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Bent Rim - advice?

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First my primary question, to be followed by a description/explination.

Does anyone know if the Insight's alloy wheels can be hammered out if it's a small cometic dent? I kind of think since the alloy is soft enough to bend, it might bend back, but I also know many alloy wheels will crack rather than bend. Anyone know?

Here is why I ask...

Well, didn't take me long to mar my car :(

I'm sad about it but it's not really that big of a deal.
I was driving through a parking lot and turned out of it, the curb there was jagged and sticking up at an angle, then a drop off right past it.

I of course didn't realize this, turned, hit it, scratched the undernieth of the rocket panel area plastic from the front door all the way back to the rear fender skirt (under the car so it can't be seen, but *I* know it's there :( ). Busted a hole in the tire :evil: , so now I'm driving on the ugly yellow spare...

But later I realized that I had also dented/bent the lip of the rim. It doesn't bother the sealing of the tire, and doesn't seem to have thrown off the balance any notiable amount, however it looks like crap!!

BTW, replacing $70 Potenza within first week of owning the car != fun.
How is it that the only times I've lost a tire/had problems with a car, I was driving slow and taking it easy, but when I used to drive like a mainiac, I never had a problem?! ah well live and learn

But on the bright side, I guess if it can't be fixed I'll have an excuse to get those Volks ;)

Thanks for any help/adivise
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Take it to a wheel shop, they might be able to fix it. Also keep in mind they are clear coated polished alluminum so re-working it can possibly break the clear and require you to have it refinished. However, a reconditioned wheel can generally be made to look really good.
Rim dents - leave 'em.

Hi. An old timer, when I was first starting out in the work world, said never try to straighten a damaged rim. If it were to later break under usage, it could have dangerous results, for you & others. Keep it for a spare, and get a new one if the dent bothers you. Any dents that are bad enough to affect the integrity of the rim, just recycle 'em. (Free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it). Berk
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