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Best comment about your Insight is.....?

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As a newbie to the world of the Insight I've gotten a big kick out of the comments the car gets.

The best so far came from the Sax player in my band who is also a car nut and owns a 1961 Caddie. Upon seeing my new Insight he exclaimed "Oh no, you're not not one of those guys are you?" I proudly replied that indeed I am (concerned about gas, the enviornment etc. kind of guy) His come back was.........

"The ashtray in my Caddie weighs more then that thing!!!"

What's your best?

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So far I've had two classic ones. One was waiting to make a left turn leaving the bank. I had my windows rolled down. Two girls in a car pulled up next to me in the right turn lane.

Her "Excuse me, is that one of them energy cars?" (Already I could see where this was going)
Me "It's a Hybrid"
Her "A what?"
Me "A Hybrid, it's gas and electric"
Her "Ohh, so when do you plug it in?" (Praying for any clearing in traffic to just justify dumping the clutch and taking off as fast as possible)
Me "No, it recharges itself while you slow down"
Her "So it uses sun light?" (The air head discription came out)
Me "You put gas in it like any other car and get up to 70 miles per gallon"
Both of their jaws dropped at this point
Her "Where can I get one?"
Me "Honda"
I finally get a clearing and catch a little chirp getting out of there. Energy cars, hah, I could have answered that in so many ways which would have confused them.

The other good comment was while I had the car up in laughlin for the anual Harley river run. If you can just picture this for any of you not familiar with it just imagine tens of thousands of motorcycles and bikers comming together in laughlin and absolutely crowding it. Most of them have had some alcohol by 9 at night when I decided I had had enough of the show to leave.

Battling the crowds to get out of there it was bumper to bumper creeping along anywhere in laughlin, and of course we had choosen the middle of the strip to go eat at one of the hotels. It was my mother and me in the car. I had the windows rolled down as trying to recirculate air seemed to only make the fumes worse. And also you have to imagine the side walks jam packed with people, most drunk.

So anyways, we were creeping out way out of town and I get a nice loud "What in the hell is that?" He must have been from Texas :wink:
My mom turns to me and comments "It's a smart car, and your a dumb person." You probably had to be present to recieve the maximum humor value, but it was really funny.

Ohh, and the next day I decided the whole biker scene wasn't for me so I drove up to the Vegas Speedway and went to NEDRA's Wicked Watts. It was great.
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