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I spend most of my days driving, so I get lots of this. Some of the best are below..

Filling up at a gas station, leaning against the car with the gas nozzle clearly visible as I'm counting the litres going in. Woman walks up, looks reasonably intelligent, well dressed, etc. Looks at gas nozzle, then at me and says "Is this one of those new electric cars?". I sort of look at the gas nozzle, look back and her, and with a completely straight face say "Yes" as I put the nozzle back on the pump and screw in the gas cap. She said "Oh cool" and walked away. To this day, she probably still doesn't get it. :)

I had just parked in the lot of a movie theatre with a friend. It was lightly raining, and just as we were exiting the car a man came running up with a genuinely concerned look on his face. He looked at me, and the conversation went like:
Him: You shouldn't be driving that in the rain!
Me: Huh.
Him: Someone might get electrocuted!

It took all of our control to stop from breaking out in laughter while I explained to him why it was perfectly safe to drive in the rain.

There's always those who "know" more about your car then you do. :roll: I was at a local speed shop (who I will not name) buying my K&N filter, and the owner was telling me all about electrics and hybrids. Of course, 90% of it was wrong, and I just got tired of correcting him. You'd figure that he would quickly learn that I know what I was talking about and he'd stop his BS'ing....:)

I always get "they copied the rear wheels from Citreon". Uh, no, I believe it was done for aerodynamics...

Or the guy who, while looking directly at the "Honda Insight" logo asked "Is that a Ford?".

There's the standard "How fast does it go?" and "can you drive it on the highway?". These people almost nearly freak when I say that I've had it up near 200KM/H.

The question "Do you have to plug it in?" is ALWAYS asked. It's a shame that these people see plugging in as a chore. They plug in their cell phones, laptops, and even block heaters in the winter, yet seem to have this mental block about plugging in a car for traction power. Anyway, I always try to put a negative spin on the fact that I can't plug in the car. Talk about how nice it would be to drive without using any gas at all. Some are very enthusiastic, some are VERY anti-EV and seem to fight back with all the standard misconceptions.

"Does it get good mileag?" is popular.

"Why don't you take off the wheel covers?" is common as well. Why people want to do this, I have no idea. Perhaps they just want to look more "normal". I guess they forget about all the older (50s, 60s) cars with wheel skirts.

I once and a while get "How do you change the rear tires?" (my answer is usually "Well, the dealer just swaps the car...")

I love it when I open the hood, they see the little 12V battery and say "Wow! That's the battery?"

Many don't believe my mileage claims, and have to be shown the guage.

I also get the real jerks. Stuff like "Good car, but why did they have to make it look like that?!?", "You think you're better then I am?" (no idea where that came from, but from the impression you gave, the answer is yes), "How do you like your nerd-mobile?" and the classic "Those things are slow". To which I generally answer with a tire smoking launch at the green.

That's pretty much all I can think of at the moment, but there are undoubtably many more.
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