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Best comment about your Insight is.....?

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As a newbie to the world of the Insight I've gotten a big kick out of the comments the car gets.

The best so far came from the Sax player in my band who is also a car nut and owns a 1961 Caddie. Upon seeing my new Insight he exclaimed "Oh no, you're not not one of those guys are you?" I proudly replied that indeed I am (concerned about gas, the enviornment etc. kind of guy) His come back was.........

"The ashtray in my Caddie weighs more then that thing!!!"

What's your best?

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"Insight-ful" comments

I'm sure that there are many who dislike the looks and technology of the Insight, but the only comments that I've received about mine have been positive, and came from many people driving gas-guzzlers. I've had several brief conversations with people in traffic that love the technology and seem to be duly impressed. As a result, some of these people will be looking at hybrids for their next purchase. I believe this was Honda's intent when the Insight was designed. I love to go over the two-page bulleted list that I've put together that describes all of the advanced engineering features of the Insight. I refer to it as the "Tucker" of the 21st century because it is so advanced when compared to anything else on the market.
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