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best extended warranty?

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Waking up an old subject, sorry but times change and I'm afraid something better may have come along. I'm learning more about extended warranty's. I learned my dealership put me with a waranty company called Fidelity. I've done some research and a lot of people have great things to say about Fidelity. But I do wonder if 1) I'm overpaying and 2) If they're a A)"this is what we cover anything else isn't covered (ie IMA system)" kind of companies or a B)"This is what we don't cover, everything else we cover" kind of company. As you can imagine, type B is much better, especially for our Insights.

Anyway, should I stick with Fidelity extended warranty, anybody else have this? Should I go with WarrantyGold as recommended by:
or should I go with I guess I'm just looking for the best warranty company for the best price. I'd like to keep my deductable to a minimum if not non-existant. I just want something that will cover all the extra components the insight has.