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Better battery cooling.

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Ok, Arizona summer's here and it's reaking havoc on my poor batteries. I've been keeping the car as cool as I can stand to keep it, but while it's sitting there it get hot again. A windshield cover and car cover have helped some, but still haven't prevented the car in to going in to thermal cut back several times already. So I've had a few ideas which might help some. The question is does anyone know the specifics on the battery cooling fan? I looked at it once and noticed it was a panaflo fan, but can't remember if it was a 120 mm size fan or what and also is it the low or high rpm model. If it is the quiet one I'm thinking replacing it with the faster one would help some potentially.

Any thoughts?
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I'd assume what they are referring to is a safety measure of the battery itself. In hot climates (like here in FL), it can get upwards of 140 degrees in your car if left in the sun... thus the windshield covers and tinting are used.

If you choose not to A/C your vehicle, and sometimes even if you do, the battery will stop recharging, or minimize it to a trickle charge, regardless of your regenerative braking or the sort... the reason is to stop the risk of overheating the batteries and damaging the system... because charging/discharging give off heat, and when used heavily (many lights, short distances), coupled with natural heat from the summer sun, it is easy to get into 'thermal cut back'.

I haven't had it this summer, but I did last summer... tinting was added in the interim.
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