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Better battery cooling.

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Ok, Arizona summer's here and it's reaking havoc on my poor batteries. I've been keeping the car as cool as I can stand to keep it, but while it's sitting there it get hot again. A windshield cover and car cover have helped some, but still haven't prevented the car in to going in to thermal cut back several times already. So I've had a few ideas which might help some. The question is does anyone know the specifics on the battery cooling fan? I looked at it once and noticed it was a panaflo fan, but can't remember if it was a 120 mm size fan or what and also is it the low or high rpm model. If it is the quiet one I'm thinking replacing it with the faster one would help some potentially.

Any thoughts?
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What is "Thermal cut back"? I haven't had any heat related problems that I know of, unless I'm in the mountians climbing real hard and decending, then it wont take a charge or assist for a while, is that what you are talking about?
I have been having a lot? of recalibrations last year (44) in 20000 miles. My 12 volt battery just went dead and I replaced it with a new one and it hasn't recalibrated yet, (13 days and 400 miles).
I keep my car in covered parking at work and in the garage at home, so it doesn't get burning hot.
Thanks for the definition. I have experianced thermal cut back driving long and hard in the mountians of CO. but never here in Phoenix. I do have A/C but it never gets hot enough here in Phounix for me to use it (Unless my wife is in the car).
The morning my 12 volt died, it started on the 12 volt and none of the IMA fetures worked. No assist, no charge, no auto stop. As I continued to work I kept loosing systems untill the engine began to quite. At that point I was at an off ramp that goes to a Honda dealer so I coasted most of the way there and pushed it the last half mile. The mechanic jumped the car and it started on the 12 volt, then quite. He again jumped it , and it started the second time on the 144 volt. I think it had some corrosion between the clamp and the post that I couldn't see. I showed the mechanic my list of recalibrations and he said they were normal. He said the 12 volt had a dead cell and the low voltage was throwing the computer off. Maybe he is correct, I still haven't recalibrated since the new battery was put in.
You should check the water, posts, and voltage on your 12 volt to see if they are all good.
I can't quite bring myself to the point of turning on the A/C. The thought of loosing about 10 MPG just doesn't sit well with me. The mechanic left the car idleing with the A/C on, and when I picked it up with the new battery, I had lost 3.7 MPG. Add that to my current 87.4 and I would be in the 90's again,it still burns me. My wife says "get over it".
Good luck and don't give up.
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