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Better battery cooling.

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Ok, Arizona summer's here and it's reaking havoc on my poor batteries. I've been keeping the car as cool as I can stand to keep it, but while it's sitting there it get hot again. A windshield cover and car cover have helped some, but still haven't prevented the car in to going in to thermal cut back several times already. So I've had a few ideas which might help some. The question is does anyone know the specifics on the battery cooling fan? I looked at it once and noticed it was a panaflo fan, but can't remember if it was a 120 mm size fan or what and also is it the low or high rpm model. If it is the quiet one I'm thinking replacing it with the faster one would help some potentially.

Any thoughts?
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A couple of ideas come to mind if you think a sizable fraction of the heat is coming from solar heating of the interior while parked. First, adding some insulation between passenger & battery compartment might help. Maybe a layer of the foil/bubble stuff under the carpet? Should be cheap & easy to do.

Second, and sort of off-the-wall, how about a solar-powered interior vent fan?

Or you could always move to Minnesota or some such place for the summer :)
"if you insulate the bottom of the car... You've decreased the heat loss through the floor and doors."

That's true, but the important temperature is not the interior, but the battery compartment. If it's insulated from the solar-oven interior, it should be at approximately the outside ambient temperature, no? Granted that in an Arizona summer that's going to be just a tad warmer than most of us would like, but it should still be much less than the interior temps.
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