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:D Well, I finally found us Insight Owners a 2 bike car rack that actually works and no real modifications are made. I am in the bicycle industry, and was at the Vegas Industry show-Interbike, and well I came across a small manufacturer that patented this License Plate "area" mounted rack. I discussed my dilemna with him, and even though he had not sold one of these for an Insight yet, I thought I'd give it a try. I just finished installing it and have made two small trips with my bike on back, on the highway at 65mph, and no problems. Before I tell you a little more, here is this guys website and order #1-800-423-4722......
First remove the rear license plate, clean off area. Then hold up the base plate that is the foundation for this rack, mark the 4 holes, you can use the upper holes, and then you'll enlarge those a bit, and drill two small holes for below. Now, I used the included stop-nut anchors after drilling out the already existing license plate holes. Then you'll put the License plat on the base plate, align up to the holes, screw in the supplied bolts. You will attach a long strap and hook up to the glass hatch, just below the antenna, it will not scratch anything, and then it attaches to the racks bolt that holds on the bike arm. What I especially like is that by using this base the system only really uses the strap just to keep things a little steady, not really to share load, so it does not yank on the glass like all the other strap on systems I have tried. It Actually works......I have been working on this project for 2 yrs, and since I'm in the bike industry, I have spoke with all of the known Car Rack builders....nothing. Now, I will say that if your bikes are 27+lbs and your going to hall 2, or You simply want more piece of mind, I might suggest that you get a little more getting to the rear bumper, which is right behind and a little lower than the License plate bottom. I am going to do this soon and I'll let you know how it went in an update. What I want to do is put a small "L" bracket on top of the bumper and just up from there about 2-6" so that I can anchor the base into that instead of just plastic. It will not only make it sturdier but will stabilize side to side motion, which is primarily the play I get at highway speeds or cornering. Overall, I trust it and it's quick and easy to take off, comes with a lock too. I mainly wanted this to help keep my interior clean and to make my constant transportation of my bikes easier. I did not notice any big drag from them being on back. I also will tell you that you can adjust the height of where the bikes sit, and comes with a full strap set for eliminating all directions of movement of the bike. Pretty Cool! :lol:
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