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Bike Rack ?

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I'm asking Santa to bring me a bike rack for my new Insight! Has anyone already done the research? (so I don't have to) ... or had experience about which one(s) are VERY easy and quick to put on/take off, and work well with the design of the back of the Insight?

Katrina (dressed in 5 layers of polar fleece, long johns and coats)
Durango CO
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Receiver for Bike Rack for Insight

Thanks for the photos of the receiver mounted rack :D .

I need to get a 1-1/4" receiver for my new Insight (2006), so could you please advise the shop that did this installation (or was it a DIY project) and the cost(s) involved.

Or, if you don't know, perhaps advise an email address for the owner of the Insight in the photos.

I would like the cost(s) for the receiver, not including the bike rack.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regs,
Richard / Red Insight 2006
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